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Call for Expressions of Interest: Professional Teacher Development Program

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Emmanuel Ivorgba Center is pleased to announce the launch of a Call for Expressions of Interest for our Professional Teacher Development Program. We invite educators and education institutions in Nigeria to express their interest in participating in this transformative program aimed at enhancing the skills, knowledge, and competencies of teachers.

Program Overview: The Professional Teacher Development Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower teachers with the necessary tools, strategies, and support to deliver high-quality education. The program focuses on enhancing pedagogical skills, deepening subject matter expertise, fostering innovative teaching methods, developing leadership and collaboration skills, and promoting inclusive education practices. We are seeking expressions of interest from educators and education institutions that are committed to continuous professional growth and are passionate about improving the quality of education. Whether you are an individual teacher looking to enhance your teaching practices or an education institution interested in supporting your entire teaching staff, we encourage you to participate in this program. Benefits of Participation:

  1. Access to high-quality professional development workshops and training sessions conducted by experienced educators and subject matter experts.

  2. Opportunities to collaborate and learn from a diverse group of educators through peer learning communities.

  3. Personalized mentoring and coaching support to reflect on teaching practices and set professional goals.

  4. Integration into a wider professional network, including access to educational resources, conferences, and online platforms.

  5. Recognition of participation and certification upon successful completion of the program.

Application Process: To express your interest in participating in the Professional Teacher Development Program, please submit a brief expression of interest outlining the following:

  1. Contact details: Provide your name, position, organization (if applicable), address, email, and phone number.

  2. Brief introduction: Describe your teaching experience, educational background, and your motivation for participating in the program.

  3. Objectives: Explain the specific objectives you hope to achieve through your participation in the program.

  4. Commitment: Share your commitment to actively engage in the program activities and contribute to the learning community.

Please email your expression of interest to or no later than Tuesday, October 31, 2023. We encourage early submissions as the program has limited capacity. Upon receipt of your expression of interest, our team will review the applications and shortlist participants based on the alignment of objectives and program capacity. Shortlisted participants will be notified of the next steps in the application process.


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I am a graduate of Ebonyi State University, I obtained a degree in Bachelor of Science Education in the department of Technology and Vocational Education. I teach physics at sir Francis Ibiam Grammar School, Afikpo Ebonyi


Please your Email address is not accepting my mails , can I have functional Email

17 de mar.
Respondendo a

I obtained PGDE certificate from University of Maiduguri, Borno State.

Am presently working as a classroom teacher for effective and efficient way of imparting knowledge to students for their chance for better future in their career endeavour.

I wish to participate in your program training to bost my teaching career for building the young ones for better tomorrow.

Thanks in anticipation.


I hope to express my interest to participate in this training.

I am an associate Prof. of Management Sciences with Ph.d. Lecturing in Enugu State University of Science & Techmology.

I run a Nursery and Primary School,named Mary Emmanuel Home Creative Academy for Orphans and in Dare need Children.

I have five (5) teachers in the school pay roll.Will love to be trainedso,i can teach my teachers and student in our university. Asso. Prof. Mary Marire.

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