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Business Incubation Program launched for Youth in Sierra Leone

Updated: Jun 6

The business incubation program for youth in Sierra Leone aims to empower young entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and training to develop and scale their business ideas into successful ventures. The program for youth in Sierra Leone is designed to foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among young individuals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive business environment and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Through this program, the youth will benefit from:

-        Access to experienced mentors and industry experts who will guide them through the process of building and growing their businesses

-        Training workshops covering essential topics such as business planning, marketing, finance, and operations.

-        Networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to help expand their business connections

-        Potential access to funding opportunities and incubation space to support the development and sustainability of their startups

-        Ongoing support and assistance to help overcome challenges and navigate the complexities of the business landscape in Sierra Leone

Are you a young Sierra Leonean, aged 18-35 years old, and looking to kickstart your own business venture? Our Business Incubation Program for Youth is here to support and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. To participate, follow the guidelines below:


-        Submit a short business plan (3-5 pages long), outlining your idea, target market, revenue model and growth strategy

-        Briefly introduce yourself and your motivation for joining the program

-        Deadline for submission of applications is Friday, November 29, 2024. Applications submitted after this date will not be entertained.

-        Applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges based on creativity, feasibility, scalability and potential impact


-        Access to mini funding opportunities to support their business ventures

-        Mentorship from industry experts

-        Workshops and training sessions on business development, finance, marketing, etc.

-        Networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and professionals



-        Send your application documents to:

-        For Inquiries, contact:


Country Director,

The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation-Sierra Leone

3 Masuba Road, Makeni City

Bombali District,

Northern Sierra Leone

Tel: +23288539353



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